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Beaches of Thailand - Koh Samet ThailandThe beaches of Thailand are justifiably famous throughout the world. They are without doubt one of Thailand’s main tourist attractions, and the reason why so many people visit and enjoy a beach holiday in Thailand each year.

The incredible blue waters around the peninsula of Thailand are home to some of the most wonderful coral reefs and islands you will ever see. And there is no doubt that these islands offer some of the best beaches in Thailand. Should you however wish to visit the mainland, then you will also not be disappointed as there are also some wonderful beaches at other popular tourist resorts.

White or golden sandy beaches

Best Beaches In Thailand - Thailand Beach

Whether your idea of beach paradise is crystal blue or green waters, white or golden sandy beaches and calm warm waters, these beaches have what it takes to make the perfect beach holiday in Thailand.

Maybe you wish to enjoy a water sport, or play beach games, or just relax and soak up the sun on one of these amazing beaches. Whatever it is you require from your holiday, a trip to Thailand is not complete until you have visited one of the stunning beaches. The beaches in Thailand are the ideal place to visit and must not be missed.

Koh Samui

Beaches of Thailand - Koh Samui Thailand

The island of Koh Samui is the third largest in the country, and is the ideal destination for the perfect beach holiday in Thailand. Nearly half a million visitors each year come to Ko Samui, and with good reason. The long white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, framed by the coconut palm trees, makes Koh Samui the perfect place to relax are enjoy the ultimate beach holiday in Thailand.

Koh Samui has in the last few years undergone some major development, as well as the long sandy beaches you will now also find many new shops and restaurants. Allowing you the comforts you require, along with the peace and tranquillity you deserve.


Beaches of Thailand - Phuket ThailandPhuket is by far the most popular destination for beach holidays in Thailand. Because of this it has been more developed than most of the other islands, in order to service the tourists that arrive. The island has several beaches that have calm warm waters and white sand, that make the ideal setting to enjoy a beach holiday in Thailand.

Phuket also benefits from having easy access to many smaller nearby islands, all of which can provide for that private and relaxing moment during your perfect beach holiday in Thailand.

There are many other islands around Thailand all of which have the perfect settings to enable you to enjoy, and experience the ultimate in beach holidays in Thailand.

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