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Guide to Thailand

Guide To Thailand - The Land of SmilesThailand is often referred to as the ‘land of smiles’ and from the moment you arrive, it will become apparent why. You will see more people smiling in Thailand, than you will anywhere else in the world. Thailand is a destination where the people are truly as warm as the weather. This wonderful country is home to Golden temples and palaces, historic buildings, bustling markets and of course some of the finest beaches in the world. Each and every time you visit Thailand, not only are you assured of a friendly welcome, but also a new experience awaits you.

Beaches in Thailand

Guide To Thailand - Beach in Thailand

Beach holidays in Thailand are one of the main reasons why so many people visit Thailand each year. And why they also return year after year, a beach holiday in Thailand once experienced is never forgotten.

Amazing Thailand as it is also known is a country that is larger than the UK, but has a population that is very similar. Within this great country there are many tourist resorts, from the Tropical Islands of Koh Samui, Krabi and Phi Phi, to the bustling bright lights of the capital Bangkok, and the mainland fun resorts of Pattaya, Chang Mai and Chang Rai. Which ever type of holiday you prefer, Thailand has a resort to suit everybody’s taste.

Massage & Spa

Guide To Thailand - Massage Spa Phuket

Guide To Thailand - Massage Spa Phuket

Unlike certain other holiday destinations, Thailand allows you to do as little or as much as you want, and the hospitality and service in this country is world renowned. You may decide to indulge yourself with a luxury spa and massage, after spending a day enjoying you perfect beach holiday in Thailand. Elephant trekking in the jungles and bamboo rafting down the River Kwai may sound like fun. There’s always a visit to the spectacular Grand Palace, followed by a dinner cruise down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Or even a round of golf and a night on the town in Pattaya. Which ever you choose the only problem you may encounter, is the fact that there is so much to see and do in Thailand, you may require further trips to this heavenly country.

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Why a family holiday in Thailand? Well what is it that you are looking for when you book your family holiday? Is it a holiday that not only appeals to your children but to you as well? A holiday where you can have an adventure and also relax? A holiday where whatever you choose to do you will be safe and comfortable in the environment around you. If it is, then why not book your next holiday in Thailand. In spending a family holiday in Thailand, not only will you benefit from all the fun and enjoyment there is to be had. You will also create a magical moment, an amazing time, something that you and your family can look back on and never forget, a family holiday in paradise.

Adventure and fun

Family Holiday In Thailand - Bamboo Rafting on the River Kwai

A family holiday to Thailand can have as much or as little adventure as you please. Learn about history as you and your family visit the Bridge on the River Kwai and the war cemetery. And then enjoy the fun as you all bamboo raft (not white water rafting) gently down the River Kwai.

Imagine your Children’s faces as they go elephant trekking through the Jungles and shallow waters, and followed by their delight when you visit the caves and beautiful waterfalls.

Beach holiday Thailand

Family Holiday In Thailand - Child Playing on Beach

Maybe your ideal family holiday revolves around the beach. A beach holiday in Thailand especially on some of the islands is the ultimate in beach holidays. You can relax and sunbathe, play beach games or even choose to participate in a water sport. All this while having your very own beach front villa and Jacuzzi. Just imagine white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, as you walk out of your villa. The nearest most of us will ever get, to having our very own private beach.

Thai people and families

Family Holiday In Thailand - Meal In Phuket

Thai people have the greatest respect for families, as they themselves are extremely family orientated. Meal times in Thailand are without doubt a family occasion, and as such you and your family will be more than welcomed to any restaurant or eating place day and night. The Thai people genuinely love children, and they will assist you in anyway they can, to ensure that you and your family have a wonderful and perfect family holiday in Thailand.

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Food In Thailand

Thai Food

The food in Thailand is yet another aspect of what makes this country unique. Many visitors regard thai food as some of the best in the world. Nearly all Thai food is cooked with fresh ingredients, usually created using vegetables, fish and seafood, poultry and pork, while adding fresh herbs and chillies to flavour the dishes.

Food In ThailandA balanced Thai meal would normally consist of a soup, a curried dish or spicy salad and a fish dish with vegetables and dips this would be served with one of many rice dishes. Fresh fruit would then be served to finish the meal. Usually Thai people consider eating as a communal affair, and as such do not eat alone. They prefer to eat with family and friends and in doing so can share many dishes, allowing them a greater choice of what to eat.

Thailand FoodAll the toursit resorts have as many different restaurants and eating places as you could ever wish for. World class restaurants will serve you with a mouthwatering gourmet meal, or you may prefer a relaxing beach front restaurants that can prepare a seafood feast, a local Thai restaurant that serves you with authentic Thai food at unbelievable prices. Alternatively you may wish to sit at one of the thousands of roadside stalls that serve just about what ever you can think of.

Food In ThailandAs most country’s Thailand also now has it’s fair share of fast food, from chicken and burgers to pizza’s and ice creams. You will also find many international restaurant chains here too. Basically what ever food you want, it’s here for you.

Most people do agree though that without a doubt the best food in Thailand to eat is Thai food.

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Nightlife In ThailandWhat can be said the about nightlife in Thailand, well usually a lot and mainly by people who have never even visited the country. We believe that the phrase that probably sums up Thailands nighlife the best, is ‘ There’s something here for everyone’.

Whether you want a romantic meal by the waters edge on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, having spent the day enjoying your beach holiday in Thailand. To relaxing in one of the world famous go go bars having just finished a round of golf with your friends. Thailand has it all.

Bangkok the capital

Nightlife In Thailand - Rooftop Bar Unlike many capital cities throughout the world you will find that Bangkok has a nighlife of its own. It not only boasts bars and clubs, but has many fine restaurants, some of the best being located in the hotels. Many of the hotels offer live music in a relaxing environment. Dinner cruises are also available on the Chao Phraya river, and are the perfect way to see the sights of this wonderful city at night. For lively entertainment the many clubs and bars are great fun, while offering a nighlife that is relaxed, safe and most enjoyable.

Evening on the beach

Nightlife In Thailand - Romantic MealSome of the islands around thailand without doubt, offer the most relaxing, romantic and intimate nightlife you will ever experience. If your ideal senario is to enjoy a beach holiday in Thailand, and then spend the evening having a wonderful meal by the waters edge, and then relaxing in a bar that allows you to just chill out, then one of the islands sounds like the place for you.

Should you decide that a club or more lively bar may also be required, then these can also be found on most of the islands.

Fun fun and more fun

Nightlife In Thailand - Pattaya

Maybe your idea of a good hoilday involves nightlife that is a little more lively than some of the islands. If this is the case then Pattaya or Patong in Phuket may be the place to go. Here there are plenty of disco’s, go go bars and beer bars. Without a doubt these places are enjoyed by many, and the phrase to remember here is ‘sanook’ meaning fun.

Do not however think that these places have nothing but bars and clubs. Some of the finest restaurants and entertainment venues are located in both of these resorts. So remember when it comes to nightlife in Thailand;

‘There’s something here for everyone’

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Shopping In Thailand

Shopping in Thailand can only be described in one word ‘PARADISE’. It is not just the cost that makes it amazing, but also the range of goods available, that make shopping in Thailand a truly unbeatable experience. You can shop for anything from designer items and the latest technologies, to gems, paintings and of course the world famous Thai silks.

Shopping In Thailand

Thailand has an abundance of shops and large shopping centres, some internationally renowned. And if its air conditioned relaxing retail therapy you need, then you will find it all in these modern shopping centres. With large department stores and up market branded shops, specialist designer boutiques and even movie theatres and places to eat.

Markets In ThailandYou could also visit one of the many famous markets this, is where not only will you find great gifts to take home, but you will also see how the people of Thailand go about their daily business. These markets are at the heart of everyday life in Thailand, and if you enjoy bargain hunting then they are the ideal place to spend time shopping. Alternatively spend time on an evening at one of the amazing night bazaars, here not only can you hunt out a bargain, but also relax and enjoy something to eat and drink.

Markets In Thailand

Another shopping experience not to miss is a trip to one of the floating markets. Here you will find people who sell their wares from small boats, competing for attention as they try to attract customers alongside the canals. This again is where you will see real Thai people going go about their everyday business.

So if shopping is one of your passions, whichever type of shopping outlet you prefer, shopping in Thailand can be the ultimate experience.

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Thai Boxing in Thailand

Thai Boxing In Thailand

Thai boxing in Thailand or Muay Thai as it is better known dates back to the 16th century. Thailand was a gentle peace loving nation, as it still is, but at times people had to defend themselves and their lands from aggressive powers. So they developed a form of close hand-to-hand combat, which suited the rough terrain where they were fighting, and over time Thai men trained in this martial art, to great effect. In the 16th century King Naresuan the Great made Muay Thai a required part of military training.

Regulated Sport

Thai Boxing In Thailand

In years gone by Muay Thai was a very dangerous sport with no safety gear of any kind. The fighters used lengths of cord to wrap around their fists in place of gloves. But as the years have passed by rules have been established, this now means the sport is regulated along the same lines as international boxing.

Popular With Tourists

Thai Boxing In Thailand

In Thailand Muay Thai is without doubt the most passionately followed sport in the country. Dedicated stadiums in various parts of Thailand hold events every night. You can arrange to visit one of these stadiums at very a reasonable price, through local agents. However in most of the tourist destinations there are also smaller venues which may be more accessible. And as this sport has become popular for tourists to watch, some of the nightlife areas in well known resorts have a boxing ring placed within a group of bars, enabling you to relax and enjoy a drink, while watching Thai boxing in Thailand.

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Elephant Trekking in Thailand

Elephant Trekking In ThailandElephant trekking in Thailand is one of the most popular outdoor activities enjoyed by visitors of all ages. Once you climb aboard the elephant and start your journey, the swaying rhythm allows you to relax and take in some of the most amazing scenery you will ever see. Elephant trekking in Thailand is available in most of the tourist areas, and can be one of those experiences that you will never forget.

Tourism assures survival

Elephant Trekking In ThailandToday there are hundreds of elephants living in Thailand and working in tourism. And of course it would be much better if all the elephants were able to roam the wild, but this is simply not possible in certain areas of modern Thailand. It costs approximately £250 per month to feed and care for an elephant in captivity, so regulated and controlled elephant trekking can help keep these animals employed, which in turn allows them to be fed, cared for and assures the survival of these majestic creatures.

Elephant Trekking In Thailand

National symbol of Thailand

Elephants are a national symbol in Thailand, and there importance is part of the country’s history. As such the majority of handlers (Mahouts) and most Thai people have a great respect for these wonderful animals.

While enjoying your elephant trekking in Thailand you are also helping ensure that these elephants are looked after and continue to get the respect they deserve.

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Diving In Thailand

Diving In Thailand Diving in Thailand is famous the world over, and with tropical seas around Thailand that provide some of the most incredible sub-aqua adventures, it is no surprise that many divers from all around the world visit Thailand to experience what can only be described as truly amazing.

Diving in Thailand can be enjoyed all year round, and has the ability to excite all levels of divers. The numerous dive sites and islands are home to arguably some of the best dives you could ever hope to find, making diving in Thailand without doubt a truly unforgettable experience.

The Andaman Sea and Phuket

Diving In Thailand

On the east coast of Thailand you will find the Gulf of Thailand, and you will find the Andaman Sea on the west coast of Thailand. And it is the Andaman Sea that offers some of the best diving by far, dive sites that are considered to be in the top 10 of the world. The sea around this west coast has crystal clear waters, and amazing reefs and rock formations, as well as a colourful selection of marine life.

On this coastline is the island of Phuket, which is regarded as one of the best locations for diving. Should you choose to stay on Phuket, then you will have easy access to many dive sites as well as many other islands. Just a short trip by boat from Phuket, you will find the islands of Koh Phi Phi and Krabi, which have some amazing dive sites and spectacular rock formations. It is around these islands that some of the best diving and snorkeling can be experienced.

Live Aboard or Just Dive

Diving Holidays ThailandA live-aboard is the ultimate for many divers, and Thailand offers some amazing live-aboard boats. These modern boats are like floating hotels, with air-conditioning, private rooms, sun decks, mini bars and all the meals and movie entertainment you could wish for. Allowing you to spend time with fellow enthusiasts, and visit some of the many dive sites available. Some of the dive sites are even close enough to allow you to dive in multi locations on the same day, should you so wish.

Thailand has something for everyone, whether you wish to stay on a live-aboard, or maybe you just want to visit the “James Bond Island” on a kayak tour, or even hire your own personal longtail boat and driver. What ever you require from your diving or snorkeling, and regardless whether you’re a beginner wanting an introduction to diving, or an experienced diver wishing to advance your knowledge. Thailand is the perfect place to experience diving.

Diving in Thailand is an unforgettable experience!

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Beach Activities in Thailand

Beach Activities In Thailand - Speed BoatThailand has without doubt some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and people visit Thailand every year to enjoy a beach holiday in Thailand. Apart from the spectacular scenery that these beaches offer, you will also find that there are many different beach activities and water sports that are provided for your enjoyment. These beach activities and water sports can be found on most of the beaches in and around Thailand, and certainly on the beaches in the main tourist resorts.

Fun, fun and more fun

Beach Activities In Thailand - Banana Boat RideThailand like many other popular tourist destinations has many beach activities and water sports that let you have fun with your family and friends. Some of these beach activities include the banana boat ride, a favourite of many that allows you and your family or friends to sit together on a long banana shaped boat, while a speed boat pulls you along, and occasionally overturns you safely into the water. Then there’s the doughnut ride, again a speedboat pulls you along while you sit in a big black rubber ring, occasionally throwing you into the water. Or you can even try your hand at the water sport of Parasailing you are pulled along by speedboat while attached to a parachute, allowing you to take in the views of the beach from above. All these beach activities and water sports are safely controlled, and allow you to have fun, fun and more fun.

Jet skiing tour the islands

Beach Activities In Thailand - Jet SkiingJet skiing in Thailand is probably the most popular water sports there is. And on most of the tourist beaches around Thailand you will find Jet Ski operators who you can rent various different types of Jet Ski from. You should however regardless of which resort you are staying at, always ensure that you are on a beach that legally allows the use of Jet ski’s, and also that the operator that you hire your jet ski from is fully licensed. Riding a jet ski can be like riding a motorbike on the water, and can be amazing fun. And in popular tourist resorts like Phuket you are also able to visit some of the wonderful islands on a Jet Ski tour, allowing access to areas you would not normally get to see by boat.

Beach activities ball games

Beach Activities In Thailand - VolleyballOn most beaches in Thailand you will, in dedicated places find a group of people playing volleyball, a great and fun beach activity. And usually should you so wish, you will be allowed to play. Just make yourself known to the people playing, and remember Thailand is a very friendly place, even most of the tourists that arrive here end up with a smile on their face, and are usually not as hostile as they are in their home countries. Or to put it another way, a polite can I have a game? Is usually met with of course no problem.
There are many other beach activities played on Thailand’s beaches including the odd small game of football, badminton and other bat and ball games. In fact there are so many different beach activities that are available on the beaches of Thailand, that should you find yourself wishing to be more active, you will have no problem finding a beach activity to participate in.

Speed boat trip around the islands

Beach Activities In Thailand - Speed BoatSpeed boats are in use a lot in Thailand, and they are also involved in most of the water sports that are available. They are also a favourite of many tourists, when they wish to take a boat trip around the islands of Thailand. You can climb aboard a speed boat and take a trip along the coast, viewing the coastline and the islands from the sea while having great fun.
So whether you wish to just lay back on the white sandy beaches and soak up the sun, or indulge in one of the numerous water sports available. Or maybe you prefer to be more active and participate in one of the many beach activities in Thailand, one thing is for certain Thailand beaches have what it takes to make your holiday the dream holiday of a lifetime.

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Golf In Thailand

Golf In ThailandGolf in Thailand during the last few years has become an extremely popular sport. And this dramatic increase in golf’s popularity not only in Thailand, but around the world, has brought about the development of many world class and championship golf courses in Thailand, some of which have been designed by some of the world’s top professional golfers. These magnificent courses with breathtaking scenery, coupled with the unrivalled hospitality of Thai people, has made Thailand one of Asia’s premier golfing destinations

World class facilities

Golf Course In ThailandThe golf courses in Thailand are often located near to some of the country’s most popular and desired resorts. The facilities available at these courses are indeed world class, as you will not only find fully equipped pro shops, but luxury saunas and spas, and excellent restaurants and bars. And all these golf courses with magnificent facilities are within easy access from the resort of your choice. Golf carts are also available at most of the courses in Thailand, and you will find the service of the well trained caddies both at the clubhouse and on the course, invaluable and inexpensive.

Improve your game

Golfing ThailandNot only are there a large number of magnificent golf courses in Thailand, but for those golfers who wish to improve their game, or even people who have never played before and would like an introduction to golf. Thailand has many golf schools throughout the Kingdom, and most of these are located in the popular tourist resorts. These golfing schools, along with the green fees at most of the courses continue to be extremely well priced.

Play golf in Thailand

Golf In ThailandIf golf is included in your idea of a perfect holiday, then Thailand has to be the place to visit. Whether you are a first timer, or a professional golfer, Thailand has many golf courses that will not only excite you, but that will also be challenging. And for a country that has weather so good, golf is played all year round, with prices that are unbelievable for the quality of course you will play, Thailand for golfers is a must. Along with everything else Thailand has to offer, golf is yet another experience not to be missed. Visit the “Land of Smiles” and play some of the most amazing golf courses you will ever find.

Golf in Thailand the ultimate experience!

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