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Food In Thailand

Thai Food

The food in Thailand is yet another aspect of what makes this country unique. Many visitors regard thai food as some of the best in the world. Nearly all Thai food is cooked with fresh ingredients, usually created using vegetables, fish and seafood, poultry and pork, while adding fresh herbs and chillies to flavour the dishes.

Food In ThailandA balanced Thai meal would normally consist of a soup, a curried dish or spicy salad and a fish dish with vegetables and dips this would be served with one of many rice dishes. Fresh fruit would then be served to finish the meal. Usually Thai people consider eating as a communal affair, and as such do not eat alone. They prefer to eat with family and friends and in doing so can share many dishes, allowing them a greater choice of what to eat.

Thailand FoodAll the toursit resorts have as many different restaurants and eating places as you could ever wish for. World class restaurants will serve you with a mouthwatering gourmet meal, or you may prefer a relaxing beach front restaurants that can prepare a seafood feast, a local Thai restaurant that serves you with authentic Thai food at unbelievable prices. Alternatively you may wish to sit at one of the thousands of roadside stalls that serve just about what ever you can think of.

Food In ThailandAs most country’s Thailand also now has it’s fair share of fast food, from chicken and burgers to pizza’s and ice creams. You will also find many international restaurant chains here too. Basically what ever food you want, it’s here for you.

Most people do agree though that without a doubt the best food in Thailand to eat is Thai food.

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