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Golf In Thailand

Golf In ThailandGolf in Thailand during the last few years has become an extremely popular sport. And this dramatic increase in golf’s popularity not only in Thailand, but around the world, has brought about the development of many world class and championship golf courses in Thailand, some of which have been designed by some of the world’s top professional golfers. These magnificent courses with breathtaking scenery, coupled with the unrivalled hospitality of Thai people, has made Thailand one of Asia’s premier golfing destinations

World class facilities

Golf Course In ThailandThe golf courses in Thailand are often located near to some of the country’s most popular and desired resorts. The facilities available at these courses are indeed world class, as you will not only find fully equipped pro shops, but luxury saunas and spas, and excellent restaurants and bars. And all these golf courses with magnificent facilities are within easy access from the resort of your choice. Golf carts are also available at most of the courses in Thailand, and you will find the service of the well trained caddies both at the clubhouse and on the course, invaluable and inexpensive.

Improve your game

Golfing ThailandNot only are there a large number of magnificent golf courses in Thailand, but for those golfers who wish to improve their game, or even people who have never played before and would like an introduction to golf. Thailand has many golf schools throughout the Kingdom, and most of these are located in the popular tourist resorts. These golfing schools, along with the green fees at most of the courses continue to be extremely well priced.

Play golf in Thailand

Golf In ThailandIf golf is included in your idea of a perfect holiday, then Thailand has to be the place to visit. Whether you are a first timer, or a professional golfer, Thailand has many golf courses that will not only excite you, but that will also be challenging. And for a country that has weather so good, golf is played all year round, with prices that are unbelievable for the quality of course you will play, Thailand for golfers is a must. Along with everything else Thailand has to offer, golf is yet another experience not to be missed. Visit the “Land of Smiles” and play some of the most amazing golf courses you will ever find.

Golf in Thailand the ultimate experience!

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