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Nightlife In ThailandWhat can be said the about nightlife in Thailand, well usually a lot and mainly by people who have never even visited the country. We believe that the phrase that probably sums up Thailands nighlife the best, is ‘ There’s something here for everyone’.

Whether you want a romantic meal by the waters edge on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, having spent the day enjoying your beach holiday in Thailand. To relaxing in one of the world famous go go bars having just finished a round of golf with your friends. Thailand has it all.

Bangkok the capital

Nightlife In Thailand - Rooftop Bar Unlike many capital cities throughout the world you will find that Bangkok has a nighlife of its own. It not only boasts bars and clubs, but has many fine restaurants, some of the best being located in the hotels. Many of the hotels offer live music in a relaxing environment. Dinner cruises are also available on the Chao Phraya river, and are the perfect way to see the sights of this wonderful city at night. For lively entertainment the many clubs and bars are great fun, while offering a nighlife that is relaxed, safe and most enjoyable.

Evening on the beach

Nightlife In Thailand - Romantic MealSome of the islands around thailand without doubt, offer the most relaxing, romantic and intimate nightlife you will ever experience. If your ideal senario is to enjoy a beach holiday in Thailand, and then spend the evening having a wonderful meal by the waters edge, and then relaxing in a bar that allows you to just chill out, then one of the islands sounds like the place for you.

Should you decide that a club or more lively bar may also be required, then these can also be found on most of the islands.

Fun fun and more fun

Nightlife In Thailand - Pattaya

Maybe your idea of a good hoilday involves nightlife that is a little more lively than some of the islands. If this is the case then Pattaya or Patong in Phuket may be the place to go. Here there are plenty of disco’s, go go bars and beer bars. Without a doubt these places are enjoyed by many, and the phrase to remember here is ‘sanook’ meaning fun.

Do not however think that these places have nothing but bars and clubs. Some of the finest restaurants and entertainment venues are located in both of these resorts. So remember when it comes to nightlife in Thailand;

‘There’s something here for everyone’

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