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Beach Activities In Thailand - Speed BoatThailand has without doubt some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and people visit Thailand every year to enjoy a beach holiday in Thailand. Apart from the spectacular scenery that these beaches offer, you will also find that there are many different beach activities and water sports that are provided for your enjoyment. These beach activities and water sports can be found on most of the beaches in and around Thailand, and certainly on the beaches in the main tourist resorts.

Fun, fun and more fun

Beach Activities In Thailand - Banana Boat RideThailand like many other popular tourist destinations has many beach activities and water sports that let you have fun with your family and friends. Some of these beach activities include the banana boat ride, a favourite of many that allows you and your family or friends to sit together on a long banana shaped boat, while a speed boat pulls you along, and occasionally overturns you safely into the water. Then there’s the doughnut ride, again a speedboat pulls you along while you sit in a big black rubber ring, occasionally throwing you into the water. Or you can even try your hand at the water sport of Parasailing you are pulled along by speedboat while attached to a parachute, allowing you to take in the views of the beach from above. All these beach activities and water sports are safely controlled, and allow you to have fun, fun and more fun.

Jet skiing tour the islands

Beach Activities In Thailand - Jet SkiingJet skiing in Thailand is probably the most popular water sports there is. And on most of the tourist beaches around Thailand you will find Jet Ski operators who you can rent various different types of Jet Ski from. You should however regardless of which resort you are staying at, always ensure that you are on a beach that legally allows the use of Jet ski’s, and also that the operator that you hire your jet ski from is fully licensed. Riding a jet ski can be like riding a motorbike on the water, and can be amazing fun. And in popular tourist resorts like Phuket you are also able to visit some of the wonderful islands on a Jet Ski tour, allowing access to areas you would not normally get to see by boat.

Beach activities ball games

Beach Activities In Thailand - VolleyballOn most beaches in Thailand you will, in dedicated places find a group of people playing volleyball, a great and fun beach activity. And usually should you so wish, you will be allowed to play. Just make yourself known to the people playing, and remember Thailand is a very friendly place, even most of the tourists that arrive here end up with a smile on their face, and are usually not as hostile as they are in their home countries. Or to put it another way, a polite can I have a game? Is usually met with of course no problem.
There are many other beach activities played on Thailand’s beaches including the odd small game of football, badminton and other bat and ball games. In fact there are so many different beach activities that are available on the beaches of Thailand, that should you find yourself wishing to be more active, you will have no problem finding a beach activity to participate in.

Speed boat trip around the islands

Beach Activities In Thailand - Speed BoatSpeed boats are in use a lot in Thailand, and they are also involved in most of the water sports that are available. They are also a favourite of many tourists, when they wish to take a boat trip around the islands of Thailand. You can climb aboard a speed boat and take a trip along the coast, viewing the coastline and the islands from the sea while having great fun.
So whether you wish to just lay back on the white sandy beaches and soak up the sun, or indulge in one of the numerous water sports available. Or maybe you prefer to be more active and participate in one of the many beach activities in Thailand, one thing is for certain Thailand beaches have what it takes to make your holiday the dream holiday of a lifetime.

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