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Thai Boxing in Thailand

Thai Boxing In Thailand

Thai boxing in Thailand or Muay Thai as it is better known dates back to the 16th century. Thailand was a gentle peace loving nation, as it still is, but at times people had to defend themselves and their lands from aggressive powers. So they developed a form of close hand-to-hand combat, which suited the rough terrain where they were fighting, and over time Thai men trained in this martial art, to great effect. In the 16th century King Naresuan the Great made Muay Thai a required part of military training.

Regulated Sport

Thai Boxing In Thailand

In years gone by Muay Thai was a very dangerous sport with no safety gear of any kind. The fighters used lengths of cord to wrap around their fists in place of gloves. But as the years have passed by rules have been established, this now means the sport is regulated along the same lines as international boxing.

Popular With Tourists

Thai Boxing In Thailand

In Thailand Muay Thai is without doubt the most passionately followed sport in the country. Dedicated stadiums in various parts of Thailand hold events every night. You can arrange to visit one of these stadiums at very a reasonable price, through local agents. However in most of the tourist destinations there are also smaller venues which may be more accessible. And as this sport has become popular for tourists to watch, some of the nightlife areas in well known resorts have a boxing ring placed within a group of bars, enabling you to relax and enjoy a drink, while watching Thai boxing in Thailand.

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